What is UVC & Ozone Technology?

A natural-effect is the invisible part of the radiation of the sun in a wave length between ,

100-280nm low C-band of UV-light

 Ultra-violet rays (invisible) can be classified in:

  • UV - A 320-400 tanning salon
  • UV - B 280-320 therapeutic application
  • UV - C 100-280 germicital effect

The germicidal effects of the UVC radiation with 254nm destroy DNA and RNA of Bacteria, Viruses, Spores, Fungi, Moulds and Mites avoiding their growth and proliferation.

185 nm Ozone production for air treatment desinfaction and odor removal

UV&Ozone technology is a physic disinfection method with a great costs/benefits ratio, it’s ecological, and, unlike chemicals, it works against every microorganisms without creating any resistance.

Today airtreating with Aer UVC light is  not only very valuable, it´s also a low-cost  enviromental friendly cleaning method.