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AerOzon UV-Engineering Ltd.

UVC & Ozone Technology

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Company profile

AerOzon UV-Engineering Ltd. has many years of expertise and experience in the field of high-quality UV-C ozone treatment and disinfection systems.


The targeted improvement of air and water conditions in different areas of life is the focus of our many years of research and development . Using sophisticated systems and innovative solutions, we set the tone in the processing and treatment of smell and microbial contamination in many areas of life.


The result is our current list of German production "Made in Germany quality" that offers innovative for each problem case UV-ozone systems tailored to needs.


improve air in a variety of life and work in a natural way, which is the core of our research and development work for many years.


Our product range is constantly being improved, so that we provide solutions for the diverse requirements for air disinfection, air purification and water treatment.


Our customers benefit from research, development, consulting, planning, implementation and service from a single source, along the lines of

"analyzing, designing, realizing"

our knowledge, your profit


Johann Engelhardt



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