In the purification process O³ is formed under controlled conditions UV-C light in conjunction with the natural oxygen (O²) clean pure ozone () generated. In this way, there are no harmful by-products such as nitric oxide (NO). This occurs when ozone is generated with a high energy input, such as in the ozone production or copying welding with high voltage.



Ozone has the property with organic materials, such as Nicotine to


connect, and to oxidize them.


Here also in the room microorganisms such as

bacteria and fungal spores are inactivated.

UVC&Ozone Technology Efficacy Against Coronavirus (COVID-19)


As ozone molecules are very unstable, breaks down excess after a short time. A residual of oxygen is again what a pleasant freshness results, reminiscent like the air after a thunderstorm, native healthy


AerO³UV&Ozone -Airpurifier
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