AerO ACS-K UV&Ozone

Kitchen exhaust air treatment

Is this your problem?

When exhaust ducts look like this, there is urgent need for action !!

- become grease  your  exhaust hoods - and channels and makes high cleaning costs?

- fire hazard by  kitchen exhaust ?

- the neighbors complain because of cooking smells from the kitchen?

- High cost of  fire protection requirements ?

- Get your exhaust system is not all resulting unpleasant odors from your kitchen?

- emergence you elaborate cleaning work, costs and downtime by  greasy duct?

- Increased costs due to long channel paths?

AerO³ ACS-K (Air-Cleaning-Solution)

- For a grease and odor-free kitchen exhaust

- No grease
- No odor
- Increased fire safety in catering / restaurant kitchens, snack bars and commercial kitchens

Why AerO³ACS-K UVC & Ozone systems?

- environmentally friendly

- economically

- user-friendly

- lasting grease and odor removal

- no use of chemicals

- manageable cost

- low operating and follow-up costs

- CE-certified in accordance with DIN 18869-7

- TÜV-approved (German technical inspection authority)

- Heat recovery by dry, grease-free exhaust air possible

Competance through experience
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Certified Technology
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Extract of case studies
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