AerO³ACS-I   UV-Industrial                                    Airtreatment

More and more companies are forced to install effective air purification systems in order to minimize the odour nuisance and air pollution. Even through following the critical value of the TA-Luft, there is still often detected odour nuisance close-by. The outcome is an official term to install an air purification construction.


  • waste management
  • sewage treatment plants
  • Recycling of glass and paper
  • Waste management companies
  • Food production

There are a lot of applications when comes smell Semi Sonen, total C and germ loads to eliminate reliable.



The polluted air passes into the reaction channel, in the short-wave UV-C light initiates a chemical reaction. Smell and pollutant molecules are broken by UV-C radiation.


At the same oxygen radicals and ozone is generated as an oxidant. The oxidation of organic odors leads to the environmentally friendly products CO2 and H2O. In addition, the number of bacteria contained in the air is significantly reduced by the UV-C radiation. In the downstream catalyst unit difficult to oxidize compounds and excess ozone are reduced.



The cleaned and odor-free air is released into the environment.

Our power, your gain.

Test systems for mobile use

The emission problem is different in each individual application. The necessary in the particular case and optimal solution can therefore only be determined at the scene itself.


To comply with this, we have developed mobile pilot plant, which is in use throughout Europe to


- to identify the real pollutant degradation and

- to show a demonstration of the results in a longer test phase.


The pilot plant has a capacity to accept a portion air amount of up to 5000 m³ per hour from the respective emission source. Unless lead measurements and test results to install an "air-cleaning plant" is the use of our mobile test facility for the user 50 to 100% charged.

Air Cleaning Solution

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Signed and sealed

Report of NUA environmental analysis Holding Graz Waste Management odor and germs emissions from organic waste in 20.000m³ / h exhaust air. Analyze period during 3 Years warranty time

Testreport 2013
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Testreport 2015
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Testreport 2016
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